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    CS3: Is it possible to automate the "auto levels" function for a batch


      I have a problem.   I have 5,000+ jpg images that I took at an archive (with their blessing and permission), but I had to use their copy stand, complete with soft white bulbs as the only lighting.  As a result, every picture has a "brown" cast to it.  Auto level will correct the files.  I have already batch saved them as "*.tiff" files, so they are out of "jpg jeopardy", but is there any way to run a script in CS3 to reset the colors in the tiff files using auto levels?  Is there a script someone out there that can work with CS3 to get this done?



      If CS3 can't do that, will subscribing to CC get it done?  Can I subscribe to CC for a month, or do I have to dive in for a year.


      I should note that Photoshop totally bamboozles me. I have it and I have never been able to master it.