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    Font Scrolling Issue


      I used to be able to highlight my text and scroll and click on the font size toolbar and as I scroll it would change the size of the text in real time, however, I recently got a new computer and installed adobe to the new version and now I do everything as I was to do before and as Im scrolling I can see the numbers change in the tool bar as I scroll like 9, 12, 15, blah blah etc, but the text doesn't change real time, I have to hit "enter" to see the text change size.


      Any idea how to correct this so I can see the text changing font size as I scroll in real time without the enter key?


      I've been waiting on chat hold from Adobe for 1 hour to try to get an answer from them. But no luck on any type of support sadly.



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          What OS version which Photoshop version.  You  highlight the text and the text size field in the option bar and scroll using the up and down narrow keys right.  If it does not work try resetting all tool and if that does not fix the problem try resetting your preferences.