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    Can you make it so 2 URLs bring you to the same site?


      I am working on a personal website and am curious if there is a way I can have both the URL for the website and then have an abbreviated version of that URL that brings you to the same site. I have checked and both domains do not exist currently.





      (have both send you to the same page, which would be the "ThisIsMyWebsite.com" domain)


      I've done some searching to see if this is possible, but I could be asking the wrong question. So, apologies if this is a common question.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nothing to do with Muse. Entirely up to your server's DNS configuration. Of course a physical site (which most of the time in itself is just a virtual folder on a web server) can have any number of domains mapped to it, but this has nothing to do with creating the actual pages, give or take specific issues with hard-coded URLs. Check your web hosting backend and the provider's options for this stuff.