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    lost photos are stuck in lightroom mobile


      I am trying to make the transition from the last version of lightroom to lightroom classic cc and lightroom cc.  I have a set of photos that come up in lightroom classic cc as "missing".  In collections they are in a folder in From Lr mobile.  When i log into LR Mobile, they are in fact there.  However, I can't get them back to my library on my computer.  How do i reclaim photos from Lr Mobile?  I read multiple solutions about dragging, but I get an error messages that the photos are missing.  How can I get my photos back?  There are precious photos in the collection that I would be incredibly upset to lose.  One solution was to upgrade to the newest version.  I did and still have the same problem.

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi mrswoodruff,


          If the images are missing in Lightroom Classic catalog then, you need to connect those images with the original images. If you don't have the original images saved anymore then, you have the option to extract the previews from the Lightroom catalog as a jpeg.


          You need to add a script in Lightroom to extract previews from Lightroom catalog, refer: Script to extract previews of lost or deleted photos


          Also, you can save the images via Lightroom CC desktop application which is different from Lightroom Classic CC. You can download Lightroom CC from the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to apps sections and install the application. Once it's installed, sign-in with your Adobe ID & Password and you will have the access to all the available images on Lightroom mobile.