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    Acrobat Pro DC permanently freezes up in Windows 10 Pro


      Since several weeks, my Acrobat Pro DC pernamently freezes up in Windows 10 Pro. The screen becomes milky, message "No response".


      Irrespective of the PDF file size, the number of open PDF files or the current Acrobat activity (a click or trying to scroll is sufficient), it can happen at any time, even several times per day. If a PDF is opened and I click it e.g. to scroll down, the software immediately freezes. In very rare cases, it "becomes alive" again after waiting several minutes - but who has the time (and nerves) for such forced work breaks?


      I have already tried all proposals for solutions that are available on the official Adobe website - at least the ones feasible for me, as I cannot use another account.

      Any idea to get out of this is very appreciated - thank you in advance!