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    Lightroom CC - Presets not updating (impossible to edit)

    brice.delamarche Level 1

      I just migrated from LR Classic CC to CC and I have a problem with the presets.
      The installation/creation of preset is pretty straightforward so i didn't have a problem with that.
      However it looks like it is impossible to edit any preset, here is my process:
      - Apply preset "X" on the selected picture
      - Changer a setting (for exemple contrast from 0 to 15)
      - Right clic on preset "X" > "Update preset with current settings"
      - Apply preset "X" to a picture > the contrast is still set to 0! (and not 15 as it should have been updated!)


      When I use "Update preset with current settings" I expect the preset to be updated with the current values. I can't understand why it does not work and that is a huge issue for me (and deal breaker for the new LR CC).


      I have tried to create new presets, use old LR classic preset, desinstall/reinstall the whole Adobe suite, restart my computer, look on forums but I can't find a solution!


      I precise that I am using Mac OS X, up to date, with Lightroom CC up to date.


      Thanks for the help!