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    PS CC 2018 - proof / simulation of smartphone tablett ...


      Are there any color profiles that DO NOT simulate paper but display conditions? How looks the open picture in PS CC if I see it on a smartphone, tablett, ...? Can I download and activate a proof such as GALAXY TABLETT SAMSUNG.


      There is in PS a default, e.g. Internet standard RGB sRGB, or your own monitor profile.

      What I would like to have would be a profile of e.g. current tabletts and smartphones from Apple and Samsung. If I use the Internet standard, this still leads to considerable deviations. On a tablet, the picture looks very different (especially color and saturation) than on the monitor WITHOUT proof. Could I here on the monitor, for example select the proof tablet or SMARTPHONE, I could save the detour via the live control on the mentioned digital devices.


      At the moment I've on my desktop 2 tabletts, 2 smartphones an the Monitor and compare here live the 5 picutres after each update, change in PS. However this is no really good workflow, because I allways have to work online and update the smartphones and tabletts, to see the last result.

      I use calibrated systems and high end monitors from EIZO and NEC.

      It would be optimal, of course, if I could download such "proofs of digital devices (smartphone, tablet, ...)" somewhere. For example PROOF Galaxy Smartphones, proof apple smartphones, proof Samsung tabletts, proof ...

      I know that individual settings on the devices always produce individual color and light environments, but nevertheless such a PROOF for Photoshop CC 2018 would be very helpful.

      Does anyone have any advice or a tip where you can find such proofs?