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    Opening an encrypted, password protected, PDF when I forgot the password

    jamesp89712428 Level 1

      Hello.  First post for me in any type of Adobe forum EVER!


      I created a PDF in 2012 and assigned a password so that it could not be reopened without entering the password.  It's not really a confidential PDF, but it is something that not everyone in my office who accesses our network should have had access to.


      I need to open that file now, and I can't remember the password.  I've tried everything that I could think of, but since I didn't write it down - I'm at a loss.


      Additionally, I can't install any type of password cracking programs on my work computer without our IT permission, and that isn't going to happen.  Nothing can be installed.  I can send the file to myself and try an Android app if there is one.


      Does anyone know of a way that I can open this file?  It's something that can't be recreated.



      Here's proof that I "own" the file.  That's my username:

      Capture 1.JPG





      Thanks in advance!