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    Lightroom CC stacking presets


      Maybe I am missing something here, but the way stacking presets works in Lightroom CC is quite confusing (at least for me).


      I have a large number of presets, some which are "all-in-one" however the majority that I use are stacking and will control certain aspects of the photograph (Base, Color, Exposure, etc etc).  In Lightroom CC stacking presets does work - i can select a base preset for a good start, then use specific presets for colour correction, exposure, polish, tone etc. to get the result that i am looking for.  And i can also tweak the sliders further if I wish.


      However, as there is no history available to what i did to the photo, I have no idea which presets have been applied.  Only the 'last' preset that was chosen is highlighted in the Preset Bar (even though I have used 4 different stackable presets).


      So I am either missing something, or this is a feature request - to provide either History for what changes have been applied to an image, or at a minimum in the Presets section to highlight 'all' presets that have been selected to obtain the final result.


      Or maybe I am just crazy :-)