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    Placing a variable containing a Menu selection inside a specific Cell of a datagrid

    LittleMuscle Level 1
      i have a function that gets the menu selection and then places the cursor into the specific field i want to insert the record into; and once in the cell i have a itemEditBegin function called but i don't know what method to call to drop the menu selection into the cell :

      private function menuHandler(event:MenuEvent):void {
      dg.editedItemPosition = {columnIndex:colIndex,rowIndex:row};

      private function dgEditBeg(event:DataGridEvent):void {
      //HERE'S WHERE I TRY TO PUT THE MENU SELECTION (VAR menuChoice) into the cell.
      //event.currentTarget.selectedItem.MMPTA_video. = menuChoice;

      dg.editedItemPosition = {columnIndex:colIndex+1,rowIndex:row};