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    After Effects warning: Failed to initialize mediacore.


      Run After Effects...Stuck on Initializing MediaCore…followed by below series of pop up boxes. 


      Pop up Box “After Effects warning: Failed to initialize mediacore.”

      “After Effects warning: MediaCore is not correctly initialized.”

      “After Effects error: cannot unlock an unlocked list (27::4)”

      “After Effects error: string memory leak (83::2)”

      “After Effects can’t continue: unexpected failure during application startup”


      I have tried what fixes i could find.  Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, done the Adobe Cleaner..etc.  Anyone else experience this?  I will probably call in again but the last time, the tech guy was supposed call back and he never did.  Just thought i would take a chance someone out there might know the problem.  Thanks.

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          Do a search for 'mediacore' on your application drive (on my computer, it's located at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore). In that folder, you'll find the mediacore plugins. One of them gives you trouble, so move them all out of the mediacore folder into a temp folder. If AE starts up correctly, quit it again. Drag the plugins back one by one and restart AE on each move. Once AE hangs again on startup, you know which plugin is the evil one. Get an updated version for that plugin, or just delete it if you don't need it. Last time I had it, it was an outdated RED-decoder plugin.