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    Adding images to project


      Hey guys,


      I'm trying to build my cordova application with Adobe PhoneGap Build. It's working great so far.

      My problem is, that i have images included in my app (not Splashscreen or icons).

      My scructure is the following:

      - www

           - externalLibraries

           - kendo

           - views

           - styles

           - img (which contains the images)

           - app.js

           - js.all.min.js

           - index.html

      After upload and build the Images are removed. I saw the img folder in the structure of the getStarted page.

      Why are my images not added to my apk or ipa? Do i have to reference them somewhere in the config?

      As my other Files are added and the app is working as expected.


      Kind Regards