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    button as itemrenderer in datagridcolum

      hi there,

      i have a datagridcolumn that uses an itemrenderer to place a button inside the column.
      my problem is that when i try and add a simple click="Alert.show('test')" to the button, i get the error "Access of undefined property Alert.
      however, i do import the alert class further up in the doc. in fact, even if i create my own function in the file that has the datagrid and button, it won't recognise it.

      this problem is 2 fold... i can't even test if it works compiled as if i run my apps with any errors in them it does not refresh the swf and i only sit staring at my old versions and cannot my changes.
      this even happens when, if i have included my as files in my main template mxml file and then try to call functions in them from components... i get my errors under "problems" in flex 3 builder. but i know that once compiled it'll have access to those functions (or at least i assume it will), but cannot test it because it doesn't recompile the swf.

      anyway, i'd like to know how to either force it to rerender the swf regardless, or at the very least how to get my button in the itemrenderer to see the classes that i've imported and the functions that i create.

      thanks a mil',

      here's my code for that specific component: