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    Making .jpg default


      My PE defaults to the horrible and large .bmp. How on earth do I change it to .jpg ????

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          charles designer Level 3

          To my knowledge, you can’t change the default “Save as” but what you can do is edit the default for ‘Quick Export As’


          Edit > Preferences > Export


          Type > Jpg


          Then what you select the layer you can quickly save it in the desired format.


          Alternatively, you can also do this;

          Press Ctrl/command+Shift+Alt+S to save for web. It will remember the settings so you can change quality, file type (png, gif, jpg, etc).


          EDIT: i think i've misunderstood the question...

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            elbmek Level 1

            thanks charles,a nice quick reply. Once I have processed an image and want to save it, then select location, the default is .bmp. That is when I wanted to change but there is an alternative which you have touched on. "save as web" - which is where 99% on my images end up in web sites.


            It still does not answer my question but it IS an alternative. Save as web is next to the save as - but when I open it after I had set it to .jpg, another window says .gif at 60%. I set it for jpg but it has gone when I eventually come back in.


            OK I can work around that I suppose. But I would like save as to be defaulted to .jpg so I dont have to keep removing .bmp.



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              charles designer Level 3

              You can’t change the default ‘Save as’ it will always save as a PSD, since you’re saying the default is .bmp I think you’re doing something different or I’m missing some information.


              Could you post a few pictures and maybe a roadmap of your path E.G: File > Save as > default .bmp