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    Unable to use Adobe ExportPDF service


      I paid .... TWICE.... for Adobe Export and it STILL WON'T WORK!


      It worked for a few months then stopped.  I paid again, not willing to go through the HUGE HASSLE it is to solve ADOBE related problems.



      I waited staring at the chat screen, having written out the description, the date of purchase, etc.  in the chat box.  I waited 15 min.  Left the screen for 3 min. and found a message saying since I wasn't there they would close the chat.... including losing my screen with the problem description.   This is just a badly designed chat software.


      It gets worse.  They asked me in advance to take a survey.  I thought they'd want feedback on their services but NO.  They just want to know what they can sell me.


      But wait, there's more!  My problem today is with Adobe Export.  I was clear about that.  Their incompetent robots sent me to "cloud storage".   GEEZ folks.


      If ADOBE ever did pay attention to userx, it could be a great company.  But I am appalled at how bad my experience has been.  And it has been like this for many years as I've had to buy other ADOBE products and run into the same bad userx.


      So, if anyone knows how to get them to get my Adobe Export paid for on 11/17 service to work, LET ME KNOW!


      Barbara Thornton