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    Flash 10 for Linux crash -n- burn

      Installed Flash 10 Beta for Linux from the Adobe site ( http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/). Attempted to play a YouTube video, and then immediately the whole browser crashed miserably (and didn't even say why). Flash 9 works fine in same browser/computer (although I had uninstalled ver. 9 before installing 10).

      Seeing how I've already reported this on another message forum, I feel that the responsible thing to do would be to report it here. I'll be monitoring this message thread in case others want to know more about this issue.

      Linux distro: Slackware 12.0 (32-bit x86)
      Web browser: Firefox
      Intel Pentium-4 3GHz HT
      4GB PC3200 RAM
      NVIDIA 6600GT graphics card with proprietary NVIDIA 100.14.19 Driver
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          I have this same problem within openSUSE 11.0. My machine is a 64 bit machine though. What I did in order to get the browser to stop crashing is uninstall Flash 10 re-install Flash 9 and then right click on a Flash animation go to settings and then turn off hardware acceleration. I then uninstalled Flash 9 and re-installed Flash 10. Upon doing so Firefox does not crash but here's the strange part. I lost the ability to change settings within Flash 10; I also have a significantly decreased frame rate on going full screen. I deleted the .macromedia file in my home folder where seemingly the settings are stored for flash but I still did not gain the settings functionality back. Now, the really strange part is I am currently running two nearly identical machines. Machine 1 = openSUSE 11 64 bit Geforce 7600 GS w/ 173.14.05 machine 2 = openSUSE 11 64 bit Geforce 8200 w/ 173.14.05 proprietary drivers. Machine one has flawless functionality with Flash Machine 2 is the machine that is having the problems. Now each is on the same level of updates. It's crazy what one generation of graphics card makes.
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            BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
            Please post Flash PLAYER questions to the player forums..