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    reCAPTCHA V2 - server error




      I habe been using reCAPTCHA V1 on my website for a long time. I used the reCAPTCHA Widget of Adobe Muse. Since the version 1 won't be supported due the ende of March, I have to replace it with the version 2. For version 2 I have the two keys, which I have installed exactly according to instructions. The image selection and "I'm not a robot" work properly. After clicking on the send button, I get the message "an error is occurred on the server" and no further explanation. The current stable version of PHP is running on the server of the website. The experts of my hosting company find no wrong issues. I deleted the keys and requested for new keys. Ichecked and repeated everything twice and three times. The error message always appears and the post is not sent. If I turn off reCAPTCHA, or set reCAPTCHA V1 the contact form works perfectly.



      Does somebody has any idea?

      If you want to check it yourself, go to https://macwinpraxis.de/kontakt.html



      PS. As I use the reCAPTCHA Widget of Adobe Muse, I have no possibility to use the complete reCAPTCHA code from Google directly into the website.