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    Fluid dimensions for Rectangle in Adobe Muse

    Bhavesh Shaha'

      I use a rectangle tool to give some aesthetic design to my website. I want the rectangle box to have fluid height and width. The webpage cannot have fluid height and width since I would want to use scroll animation.

      So my question is- how do I give fluid dimensions to my rectangle box?

      I found one article online saying that adding this code can make it have 100% height (http://blogs.adobe.com/contentcorner/2017/05/12/create-a-full-height-rectangle-in-adobe-mu se/)

      This did not give me the desired results.

      I also want to make it have 90% width. But it did not work out.

      Please help.


      Code used:

      .full {
      min-height: 100vh !important;
      height: 100vh !important;

      90vh !important;
      width: 90vh !important;






      Expectations: (edited in MS Paint)