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    First Page Animation

    Reg Natarajan Level 1

      Hello, I'm new to Muse and am creating my first site.


      I have several breakpoints set for responsive design.  They're all working well.  The problem I am having is that on the widest breakpoint (1440) the page is doing some kind of animation on load.  It's fading in from the bottom.  It looks fine once it is finished but I don't like the animation.  It only does that on the widest breakpoint.  If I resize the browser to a smaller size and hit F5 to refresh, no animation.  If I resize it again to a wide size and hit F5 to refresh, I get the fade-in from the bottom.


      I've looked around to see where this is set but can't find it.  Can anyone suggest where can I look to turn this off?