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    Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Photoshop not working like its suppose to..


      I work on my Ipad Pro working on the photoshop adobe sketch app and there's this nice tool where I can send my drawing from my app to open in photoshop CC as a PSD file. But suddenly it's been denying the file, every time I open it, it says there's a program error. And this happens after I close out of the file, then open it again to work on it in another hour or day. My photoshop CC is up to date and had its 2018 update. My app of the Adobe Photoshop Sketch App is also up to date as well. What is going on? Does the app not work with the new upgrade to my photoshop on my computer? This has worked before, why is it denying me to access my projects now? Is it because my computer is a 2017 touchscreen macbook pro? that shouldn't be the case since the photoshop program is the same. What is going on?