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    cfmenu / cflayout rendering issue

      I've created a cflayout with three vbox areas. The first has a menu inside, the second is a filtering area and the third is the output. The problem I have is that the flyout menus will display, however, when I move the cursor to select the flyout menus, they lose focus, making it impossible to click. The code works fine in IE6 and IE7, but Firefox has the issue described above. Create the following and test using Firefox. Select the "Administrator" menu item and try to pick from the child menus it displays. Any ideas??

      The code (simplified for this post) is as follows:
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          J.C. Level 1
          Just dumb luck...I added the "overflow" attribute to the cflayoutarea tag, "menu". Set overflow to "visible" and the menu is keeping focus.

          <cflayoutarea name="menu" source="menu.cfm" overflow="visible"/>

          I hope this may help someone else with cflayout issues.