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    Help building javascript to send email as an email not attachement


      I have this code and not able to make it work   I have a PDF form that I would like to send an email to the email in the field ("Email").  However I do not want it as a PDF attachment, I would like to copy all the info in the PDF and paste into the email just like I see it on my screen.  Here is my code:


      var subject1 = "SSC Triage Assistance Request: " + this.getField("CID").value,
      var address1 = this.getField("Email").value,
      var body1 = this.getField("CID").value,
      +            this.getField("Order").value,
      +           this.getField("Container").value,
        +          this.getField("Service").value,
         +         this.getField("Date").value,
          +        this.getField("Address").value,
           +       this.getField("Server").value,
            +      this.getField("Supervisor").value,
             +     this.getField("Error").value,
      "Due to an Order Entry error we are requesting your assistance with completing a manual move as noted below"\n +

      +           this.getField("Superuser").value,
        +          this.getField("Triage").value,
         +         this.getField("Name").value,
          +        this.getField("Phone").value,
           +       this.getField("Placement").value,
            +      this.getField("Facing").value,
             +     this.getField("Gated").value,
              +    this.getField("Code").value,
               +   this.getField("Cross1").value,
                +  this.getField("Cross2").value,
              +  this.getField("Special").value;

      event.target.submitForm({CURL:"mailto:" +address1 + :?Subject=" + subject1 + "&body=" + body1 +"",cSubmitAS:"PDF",cCharset:"utf-8:});



      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. I am brand new to scripting so dumb down any answers!