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    Watermarks disappear in Mac OS Finder?


      Okay everyone, I've got a really weird question that I'm hoping someone can shed light on.


      So I have a bunch of images on my computer that have watermarks on them.  They're all JPEG.  I was just using Finder on my Mac to try to locate a specific image.  In the Finder options, I have the preview mode on, so that when I look at a folder, it shows thumbnails of all the images.


      Here's where it gets weird. 


      As I was scrolling through the Finder window, looking for a particular image, I dragged the zoom slider out so that I could make the thumbnails smaller, so I could get through them faster.  When I did that, I noticed that on a lot of the photos, the watermarks just.... disappeared.  I zoomed back in, making the thumbnails larger, and the watermarks in the thumbnails came back.  Zoom out again, and they disappeared again.


      How is this possible? 


      When I open the photos in Preview, the watermarks are all still there---and when I zoom out in Preview, they never disappear.  So this is only happening in the Finder window.  I opened some of these photos in Photoshop to see if somehow there was some hidden layer---nothing.  These are all flattened JPEG images, Photoshop only reads them as having a single layer.  And yet when I zoom out on them in Finder, the watermark vanishes.  And it's not just my eyes playing tricks; when the watermarks disappear, I can see new content in the photos.  For example, one of the photos is of a chair, and the watermark covers its legs.  When the watermark disappears, though, I can suddenly see the carving of the wood in the leg---which is totally blocked behind the watermark when I zoom out.


      Does anyone know how this is possible?


      I don't know a lot about imagery, but it seems like the images are somehow "adding" a watermark at a certain size.  Which means that somewhere in there, there must be an image without the watermark that I should be able to get to somehow, right?


      Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this!