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    Aliasing and Jagged Edges with Illustrator Files - Please Help!

    flowsnone Level 1

      Hey Folks,


      I'm working on some feature film graphics animations where I have to put Illustrator Shapes into perspective. I have some real bad Aliasing problems.


      I compared this by rendering the graphics flat and comping them with nuke, which gave me much better results. I already activated the "better" AA Option in "interpret footage", activated the sun, used the curve thingy in the layer manager. I don't know what to do. Is AEs Anti Aliasing really that bad? In Nuke, also the type was much much clearer when I put it into perspective. Everything looked better overall. But I dont want to switch to Nuke for comping as I have a lot of animation going on and this would not be a good workflow for me. What Can I do?