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    Can you use a photo with character animator?


      Just wondered if it was easy to use a photo of a face instead of using a cartoon for the character animator? If so, how do you do it? And if not do you know of any programmes that could work?


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          RameezKhan Adobe Employee

          Hi willows,


          I don't know if there is an easier way than this but here is what I do:

          1. Use Adobe Capture to convert my photo into a vector, which opens seamlessly in Adobe Illustrator

          2. Simplify and organize layers & groups in Illustrator

          3. Bring that into Character Animator




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            alank99101739 Level 4

            You can, but it works better if you do a bit of massaging afterwards in order for eyes and mouths to work. I took photos of a stuffed toy. I then photoshopped out the mouth and eyes.

            I then added them back as layers in the Photoshop file. (I split the head from the body as well, but I did not really need to do that.)  (Actually, this was not the final file - I cannot find it just now - but hopefully +Left Eye gives enough of a clue.)

            So when turned on it looks sensible again.

            But Ch can move the eyes and mouth etc. I only did one eye above, the "Left" eye (on the right above). Character animator does all the clipping etc to make it look correct.

            My son then did a quick video Wookies! - YouTube

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