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    Acrobat Pro: Files save only in Download folder


      When I create or edit a pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Pro, the only place the computer will let me save it is in downloads. I can then copy it into the folder of choice. Errors I get in Acrobat are "The document could not be saved, the file could not be found," The document could not be saved. A file I/O error has occurred," and "The document could not be saved, access denied." The errors vary depending on what I do to the file – changing an existing file versus creating a new file and trying to save it over the old file. I tried reinstalling Acrobat, removing the preview pane (as suggested in other forums), and ensuring that the destination folders are read/write.  I also contacted Microsoft via chat, but they referred me to Acrobat.  I have been unable to use the chat function on the Adobe site as it just refers me to this forum.