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    Another After Effects CC2018 and Mocha paste problem!

    Rocketbottle Level 1

      I could not find anything related to this. Have any of you experiencing this:


      Latest AE Version 15.0.1 and Mocha AE plugin Version 4.0.3

      MacOS 10.12.6


      I need to track mattes in a long clip that is -100% speed in AE. Took the clip normally to "Track in Mocha AE" from AE's timeline.

      When I copy all visible shapes to After Effects, the position is totally wrong.

      Same frame rate, same clip duration & pixel dimension. BUT frame range and duration is wrong in Mocha.

      Please see the attached frame captures. In addition to messing up positioning, they should be the same frame but are not.

      Mocha Shape as an Effect works, but it's only my last choice.


      Unless I'm having some personal problem here, I can't really justify what Adobe is charging me with this kind of bugs. We just had catastrophic crashing sorted out, and this is unacceptable having another massive problem with this tool. Mocha is again still totally useless in my system.

      I cannot swap back to old AE version in the middle of a project.


      Great way to make happy ex-customers.


      Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.34.51.jpg


      Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.35.07.jpg



      Jari Hakala