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    How to make 3 different sized canvases, which lets you work on one and affects the others at the same time.


      Hi everyone,


      I have been using Photoshop for awhile now and I am just getting my head around some new styles of designing. I have come across people working on Photoshop and they're doing work on one canvas, which affects the other canvases with what they're doing.


      So for example if I am designing an emote and I use a 600 x 600 pixel canvas to draw on and I have a 112 x 112 pixel, and a 56 x 56 pixel, how can I get my work that I am doing on the 600 pixel work, reflect the exact same on the other sized canvases?


      I have been trying to find an answer for this, but sadly I just can't seem to find one, or I am not using the correct term for this method.


      Anyway if anyone has an answer for this, then that would be great!


      Thank you,