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    A fatal error has occurred. Director will quit now.

    Ex Malterra Level 1
      Never seeing that error again was one of my fondest dreams... oh well, like the song says, "Dream On".

      I was rooting around in the Configuration folder after installing the trial and opened one of the 3D tutorials, Magic_start.dir... you know, from waaayyy back in v8.5, and get the error message every time I close it. It's been my experience that when that error message shows up when you close a file it'll also show up when a projector or Shockwave piece compiled from the file closes. It really turns the client on to see that, let me tell you. And if that damnable message shows up once it'll show up a thousand thousand times in a thousand thousand situations I bet.

      Meh, maybe I'm just being "glass half empty" about it but I was so hoping D11 would run more stably. And no syntax coloring for JavaScript syntax... :-r

      Don't get me wrong, I'm going to shlep out the $299 to get the upgrade in a couple of weeks I'm sure. DX9 alone is worth that IMHO. But oh how I hate the fatal error!!!

      Trial version
      Windows Vista Ultimate 32 Bit SP 1
      1.67 GHz Core 2 Duo
      2 GB RAM
      Crummy laptop video card