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    Eyelid distortions during blinks

    alank99101739 Level 4

      Is there a way to avoid the eyelid distortion shown below? See the dip in the middle of the eyes in the third picture below?


      When open they look like (good)

      Closing you can see the little dip in the middle start to come in

      And finally

      I wanted a straight line.


      I don't think it happens if you turn off camera strength - with the autoblink behavior I think it uses the blink layer instead. But using the more expressive camera controls over eyelids creates this imperfection.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Set eyelid strength to 0% (no blinks), or make the eye groups independent.

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            alank99101739 Level 4

            Thanks for the quick response!


            I was after the eye control (gives more expression) so setting to 0% is what I am trying to avoid. I mean the dip in the middle is annoying, but the extra control is useful.


            Currently I have the following things independent. Which ones are you suggesting I change?


            For example, if I make "Left Eyelid Top" independent then when the eye lid goes down you can see the pupil above the eyelid (its not masked out any more). The eye opening is also visible above the eye lid.  (You can also see the bottom eyelid, the short horizontal black line, sneak up into the pupil.)



            Thanks again!

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Check out Dude from Okay Samurai Puppets  - his eye groups, top and bottom eyelids, and pupils are independent. The "blink" happens when the eyelids are basically at one extreme - however with him I think I set eyelid strength to 50% because I didn't want him to blink, only squint. I find the eyelids can be fluttery and was erring on the side of having my eyes close too much when turned all the way up.

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                alank99101739 Level 4

                Interesting. Okay from looking at Dude, warp independent on the eyelids causes them to slide up/down independently, rather than warping the eyeball between the eyelids. Makes sense.


                In my case I don't think this is appropriate. The eyelid flattening off is a more natural look. It is also a problem with some other eyes as the bottom eyelid and top eyelid touch - having them slide up and down would look weird.  (Note, these eyes I have not got to close very much actually - maybe the shape or size is not friendly to the eyelid workings?)


                Back to the first example, I think I understand what is going on. I put a transparent rectangle as part of the eyelid. You can see the warp shape it is using. It looks like a straight line on both sides to a point in the middle. This had eyelid strength at 45.


                Cranking it up to 112% (random value!) you get some "interesting" effects!

                Eye open... - actually looks curved up in the middle!

                Eye slightly closed - interesting the warp shape again, it dips in the middle, but looks a bit curved.

                Eye closed

                In my case I guess I want a linear line along the top - I just want it all to squish straight down, not have the funny kink in the middle, or have the curve at the top going the other way (a U shaped curve).

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                  alank99101739 Level 4

                  A little more info, I think the distortion is the purple line on the left, where I think (!!) would like it to be more like the right (or not curved at the top?). Its the weird bump down in the middle causing problems. The green shows the bottom eyelid having the same problem, it has a strange bump up in the middle. (The bottom eye lid is much smaller however in this case.)

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                    oksamurai Employee Moderator

                    Usually when you see "weird bumps" it means a) something isn't independent and is being pulled by something that is, or b) something is independent but its attach style is set to "weld" which keeps it pinched to its origin handle position (the dotted circle every independent group gets).


                    If possible, could you please File > Export > Puppet and share it as a link (Creative Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) here on in a DM so I could take a closer look?