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    Annotations overlap and become unreachable/unclickable/unreadable

    kassoe Level 1

      When I use the annotation tools with collaborators, the mark-ups become unreachable/unclickable and thus unreadable if they overlap, and they do so if they are not separated by a line of text. The mouse-over display behaves in similar fashion - i.e. not accessible. In the present case, the original file was made on a Mac in the Reader program. The problem appears both on Mac and on Windows (on Windows I use Acrobat 9). We use the yellow highlighting which is easier not to overlook than the blue strike-through, but the problem seems to exists also when using strike-through. I can reproduce the problem even when marking up and trying to reread my own comments in Acrobat XI pro. In this program, Is it possible to adjust the size of the markups so they don't interfere with with each other? Is there an alternative way of dealing with this?