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    How to access the Tilde key with a French Keyboard?

    vinny38 Level 5

      In Illustrator, "Tilde" key ~ seems to have some magical power:


      According to Adobe's site, it can "transform pattern (independent of object) when using Selection tool, Scale tool, Reflect tool, or Shear tool". 

      Sounds great! I wish I could play around with it, but... I use a French keyboard. No such key on my keyboard.



      ² key is not working. And to access the tilde character, I must combine alt + é/2 keys, which obviously results to a duplication of the selected object.


      I know I could change my keyboard through the Windows regional settings, but maybe there's another way.

      Maybe this key is hidden somewhere, or maybe I could change it through the keyboard shortcuts menu. 


      Any help appreciated.


      Specs: CS6 - Windows 7