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    HELP!!! Flex program works in testing but shows incorrect data when deployed!

    Developer504 Level 1
      I am a new Flex programmer trying to install my first Flex App on a server.

      I have a beautiful little Flex App which works perfectly in testing on my machine, it displays a Dashboarding control built from data in an XML file. We are trying to test it on our server now but it is not working. I don't know if I'm deploying my Flex App correctly (if I've put the right files on the server) or if it's just not finding the data path for some reason.

      I copied my BIN directory to the server. To run my Flex App I am running the FlexApp.HTML file, either by double clicking on it or by accessing it in a browser through local host. Either way it seems to work but it's actually showing a cashed image of old data which does not match the XML file it is supposed to read from.

      We tried numerous things with changing the path to the XML file, changing to a UNC, even eliminating the path altogether and putting the XML file in the same folder with the HTML and SWF.

      What file do you invoke to run your flex app on the server? The HTML file? Some other file? Is there any way to clear that cache? I don't understand why Flex shows an old (cashed?) version of the compiled screen...?

      Any help would be much appreciated my boss is not amused this should be working... I am under a lot of pressure now to make this work!