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    Overlapping buttons

    Think Seed
      Sample of what I'm trying to get to work

      When you roll over one of the bottom 4 buttons, it slides up. You need to keep your mouse in the area to keep it open. When that area opens, it displays new content with yet another link. When I create a button for that link, the main button is now considered "onRollOut" and makes the window close. For example, I want to be able to click on "See all swimwear". Any ideas on how to keep a sliding window open while making all the items on it have new buttons become active?
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          William Langley Level 1
          Yes, buttons on buttons poses a bit of a quandary. The best solution is to separate the button click activity from the mouse rollover activity. You can do this by using onEnterFrame() or setInterval() and hitTest() to track the mouse location vs. onRollOver(). So let's say your buttons for 1 nav are in an animating mc called "nav1". Depending on how you handle your navs, you'll need to determine if they're in an "on/up" state or not. I'll do this just by assigning it a boolean "onState" var. Assuming the code is written on your root, the script for one button would be as follows. Use a for loop to handle tracking all 4 buttons.
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            Think Seed Level 1
            Thanks so much! You definitely got me started boldly in the right direction! I noticed a couple of minor typos in your example, so I've updated the example in a test file, cleaned up the typos and added a Tween. So far it's working in my test file without other things going on, but when I try and apply the principles into my main movie, it's not working right. Time to debug.

            Thanks again. You rock!