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    xmp files on mac

    J Lemmer

      I use Lightroom on an iMac with the catalog and photos stored on external hard drive.  The Raw (NEF actually) XMP (sidecar) files are stored as files that require opening MIcrosoft Messenger (with password) to open.  Is this appropriate?  Could it end up being a problem?  Any thoughts?  Thanks,  John

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What software is telling you that? The XMP files are utilized by Lightroom and Photoshop when they are present. When they are not present then Lightroom reads the settings from the catalog.

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            DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

            Lightroom by default reads and writes from the Catalog File and this continues when you are working with Lightroom. At first import of images into Lightroom if there is an xmp sidecar present Lightroom will read the information from the xmp file. However subsequently Lightroom reads and writes to the Catalog file.

            If you select the option to "Automatically write changes into xmp" then Lightroom will also write changes to the xmp sidecar for raw files and into the file header of jpeg, tiff or dng files. This can also be done by choosing the option from the menu bar Metadata > save metadata to file.

            Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 8.46.14 PM.png

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              J Lemmer Level 1

              Thanks Jim.  When I go to the folder on the external HD where the raw files are stored, the accompanying xmp file looks like this:  "2017_untitled_008.xmp." When I click on it I get this:Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 4.59.25 PM.png


              Does that make sense?  Thanks.

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                DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

                Could you specify what application created the xmp file ?

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                  J Lemmer Level 1

                  The xmp files are created by Lightroom when I import the raw images from my

                  Nikon d500.  I am just concerned that this reiteration of the files may not

                  be good long-term.   Thanks for your interest and help.



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                    Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                    Is that with a single click or double click? If the latter, that simply suggests to me that somehow the .xmp file extension is associated with Messenger, i.e. that's the app that your OS has been told to open when you double-click on an xmp file. I've just checked mine and I see it's associated with ON1 Photo Raw, which means that ON1 did that when it was installed. But anyone opening an xmp file in Finder presumably only wants to inspect the contents, so changing the default to something like textedit.app would make more sense.


                    Do a "Get Info" on any xmp sidecar file and see what's set as the default app, and if needed change it via the drop down list.

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                      J Lemmer Level 1

                      Thanks Jim - I think that you have the answer.  I appreciate your help very much.  I tried the "get info" and, indeed, it selected Microsoft messenger as a default.  Not sure what the correct app might be, and maybe don't need one, but this clears up why MM was selected.


                      Thanks again,  John