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    The Tradition of the Soldier-Artist in a Digital Imaging Environment

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      Does a photograph tell the whole story? Is the visual story enhanced when a photo becomes the reference source for an illustration?


      We are used to the painting tool which Photoshop brings to the table. A photograph becomes a clone source.


      Here’s an interesting news feature on how a soldier-artist carries on a military tradition of capturing the story of defense events in traditional media. Yet, he often starts with a digital photographic reference.

      https://www.nbcwashington.com/multimedia/Army-Artist-Captures-Humanity-Even-In-War-Zones_W ashington-DC-471827363.html

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          cherlita Level 3

          Hi, Brian,


          Thank you for sharing this fascinating story about Sgt. Munoz, and his art of combat, capturing soldiers in action. He is a very talented artist. Yes, since he captures a digital photo to use as a reference, I wonder if he displays it on a lap top as he draws, or if he prints his references to look at?


          For some illustration and fine art works, I paint with various traditional media, for others, I use a Wacom tablet and digital brushes in Photoshop. For both situations, I display my references around to look at and refer to prints of the references and occasionally display them on a monitor.


          In answer to your question: In my opinion, a well composed photograph can tell the whole story. But with certain subjects, a digital illustration can convey more powerful emotion, as a gifted artist communicates their feelings as they paint or create a collage illustration that tells a story.


          Thank you again for sharing.


          Happy creating,