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    Product Key and Serial Number...


      Hi Guys!

      I had a accident with my old Laptop. He was takin a shower with apple juice. Now, he dont works anymore and i bought a new one, where ive put the backup on.

      The Problem now is. I need Photoshop and Lightroom asap for work. But my serial-numbers are still used by the old one which doesnt work anymore. I have both product key and serial number for photoshop, and for lightroom i have the install-box but i dont find the keys.

      However; how can i get this on? I need it today cause im a photographer, but support seems like closed...!?

      Thanks for helpin me!


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I know nothing about Lightroom but old serial numbers for Photoshop CS4 and newer should work if you deactivate and not even be needed if you just reinstall on a machine. That had been activated for your activation credentials should still be intact on that machine, unless you formatted your disk and reinstalled your OS.  If you formatted your disk and did not first deactivate Photoshop to free up an activation you will need Adobe help activating Photoshop.    


          If you have an older version of Photoshop the required activation CS. CS2 or CS3 there are new download Adobe made available their old customers can download and install that do not require activation for Adobe retired the their old activation servers.