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    Accessing Components

      I am building an Air application in Flex 3. I have created separate .mxml files that use Flex-created components. I then open the <mx:windows> from the <mx:windowedApplication> file using AS 3.0. One of the of the <mx:window> files is for logging in. It has two input TextFields and a submit button. My aim is to keep my AS centralized in the main application window. As a result, I want the button in the login window to run a function that is in the main AS, and pass the variables to the centralized code to be used later. This is were I have been coming up short. I have tried writing a function in the main window, and calling directly from the button. I have also tried adding an event listener- both have been unsuccessful. I get errors saying that the function is undefined. Are the two windows in the same scope?

      Any help would be most appreciated.