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    Renaming an Acrobat file within Acrobat

    adwul62 Level 1

      Up front... I know it isn't possible (yet).

      It is a very regular occurrence that I wish to rename an Acrobat file, the new file being based on the contents of Acrobat file.

      Example: the document contains documents from various years and is about various subjects (archived pdf).

      Right now, open the document, write down the start and end-date of the documents that is in the pdf

      write down some keywords, file is about this, about that.

      close the file

      then rename the file using Explorer based on what you have written down.


      Renaming within Acrobat is not possible.


      There is a script named File Name Stamper, that may give an idea.

      However, it is impossible to scroll thru the document in the background...

      so as to add details to the filename, etc.


      So, the rename should be like:

      Fm: OldFileName.PDF

      To: SubjectA-SubjectB-SubjectC 2015-2018 01022018.pdf

      (where the 01022018 is the date of the last add document)


      as said, right now, only using Explorer based on handwritten notes.