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    Compiling Flex App / Deploying to client site

      Hi guys,

      Another newby question here, kind of a conceptual issue for using Flex. I come from a background with very different type of development environment, so please bear with me.

      I have been playing with Flex for about two months, and have written two small Flex 3 Apps which are working out very well in testing. We would like to deploy them to the client site soon. Both read XML files, one generated from an SQL 2005 query, the other from a third party software called Magic.

      When I'm playing with these using Flex development engine, I hit the run button and it compiles my app on the fly and immediately runs the App. My question is, when you deploy to a clients site, how does it work? Do you compile an executable which is then deployed? Can you set up your Flex App on a clients machine which doesn't have Flex installed on it? I gather it should run on any machine with Flash player right? What is the exact process?

      If someone could explain the basics of this to me I'd really appreciate it.

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          batmitra Level 1

          1st- I don't lnow why do you want to put the application on your client, but you must remember that flex needs a webserver to run, so this beeing said here is ow ot done on its simplest way:

          1st- when you run your application from flex you are right it compiles and that is the only thing you need to have your application ready to deploy

          2nd- you should know where are you deploying your application on your computer, usually if you don't change anything its' on your project directory inside a folder called bin

          3rd- Grab everything inside that folder anc copy to a folder on your client
          4th - If you are using iis as your webserver you must create a virtual directory that points to your directory

          5th - there is no 5th, if everything went well you should be able to run your application from a browser.

          Some advices:
          I say you are getting data from an sql server, is that server on the client? or is it with you, because you need to see security restrictions , search for crossdomain.xml on google

          You client and everyone that is going to use the application just need to have flash player instaled, they don't need flex instaled and flash player must be above 9.
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            Developer504 Level 1
            Ok so in the "bin-debug" folder I see a single .js file, plus an HTML and a .swf for each App in my source folder. So I copy these to a single folder? Do I need to use the "HTML Template" folder or the source folder?


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              Developer504 Level 1
              Also how do you deploy SWC files? My first app has an SWC file associated with it.
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                batmitra Level 1
                yes you copy that to a single folder
                your swc aren't distributed with your application, they are independent libraries so if you put them on your client you are giving them your "source" . When you compile your application flex includes all the classes you need inside your swf.