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    ComboBox Data Display woes

      The application that I'm currently developing, gets its data from a SQL Lite database and does it through whatever select statement it needs which then puts the results into an array collection variable which is then passed into the dataProvider for the control. So far, its just been data grids, but when I try to put the array collection variable into a combobox, I get this when I trace it:

      [object Object],[object Object],[object Object]

      I get the same result when I trace it on a data grid so I know that it's working properly, I'm guessing something's not being liked when it comes to combo boxes. The select statement is simply selecting one column from the desired table. I am wondering if there is something needed to be done to get the selected data to display properly in the comboBox instead of [object Object],[object Object],[object Object]. More than likely I'm hoping this is something simple I'm just overlooking, thanks in advance.

      EDIT: Here's the XML tag for my comboBox

      <mx:ComboBox id="cmbNewClass" dataProvider="{model.classData}"/>

      model.classData is the ArrayCollection which stores the data from the insert statement