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    Compatibility between Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC

    stephenl42892444 Level 1

      My daughter is a professional photographer and she sometimes contracts out large numbers of photos to an "editor" to do batch editing for her. They used to both use Lightroom Classic CC. However the editors (there is apparently an entire industry built around such "editors") claim that Lightroom Class CC has become so slow that their businesses cannot utilize it, and her regular editor has switched back to Lightroom 6. The question my daughter has, is: can a Lightroom Classic CC catalog be exported in some way so that the editor using Lightroom 6 can import it, so she can continue to use Lightroom Classic on her computer while the editor uses Lightroom 6 to do batch editing for her? Presumably one can receive a Lightroom 6 catalog and image files and import those into Lightroom Classic, but is there a utility or procedure to go in the other direction (Lightroom Classic CC => Lightroom 6)? I don't use Lightroom myself much but she asked me to help her research this question. I assume the catalog has to be read in along with the photographs? These are collections of several thousand RAW photographs from high resolution digital cameras.