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    Done with the trial, why I am not subscribing


      Autostart programs

      5 background processes

      Constant internet connection of said processes

      Forced "cloud" programs


      Seriously, if I buy Corel or other programs in that ballpark you don't need to suffer all that. I also have the possibility of a one time fee instead of a subscription.

      I thought this is professionell software? It does not feel very professionell.


      I don't need any cloud services and what not else, I have my own NAS with RAID0. All I wanted to do is draw with my Intuos Tablet, but instead of doing that, I've spent all the trial time finding out how to get rid of Creative Cloud and still keep PS.


      tl;dr: It is not possible.


      And that is why it is not possible for me to use your program, no matter how good it is.