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    Can draggable handles be made relative to parent? Our use touch/mouse to record Position X and Y at same time?

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      I just came across Re: Pinning feet not working  which describes how pins are relative to the origin. Cool. You can make your character independent, set the "Draggable" tag on the character origin (not the top level origin) and you can drag your character around to position it, instead of fiddling with X/Y coordinates. (I have a pen, so this makes life quite a bit easier - easier to control than a mouse).


      But draggables appear to be absolute - I cannot see how to make them relative to the parent. Is that correct? For example, if I drag a hand, then drag the puppet origin, the hand stays where it was (the arm stretches). I cannot record an arm movement (relative to body) then move the body around.  I can see sometimes this is useful behavior, but was wondering if there is an option I am missing to make a draggable relative to the parent so I can control hand movements and body movements as two separate things.


      In my case, I have to position the hands relative to the body every time (puppet has arms sticking out sideways in an unnatural position), which makes dragging the original not feasible.


      Alternatively, can I use the dragging approach with touch/mouse to record the X and Y positions at the same time (and the absolute X and Y position)? I know I can control X with the mouse during a recording, then control the Y in a second recording - I would like to do both at the same time using the pen/touch to move the character around the screen in the scene view, just like dragging. (Yes, I would have to disarm the Dragger when doing this.) That is, under Transform I guess be able to arm a new mouse/touch to record "Position X and Y" or "Anchor Point X and Y" relative to their initial values? The draggables are relative to both these values already.


      Thanks as always!