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    old external hard drive died but salvaged data onto new one, but cannot tell lightroom?


      So I had all my source files for Lightroom on a My Passport External Drive.. It fell and died, but I took it to a data recovery expert who said that he was able to save most of the data onto my brand new G drive external drive. So, I just plugged it in to Lightroom and any photo I pull up the program tells me that I do not have the source file for it. How do I tell my Lightroom that the files are there on the new drive? All the folders are the exact same and named the same. Please be as specific as possible with any suggestions. Screen shots are also cool if needing to show or explain something if possible. I am good at taking photos, but this type of computer issue is way out of my normal scope of things I know and do.  In those folders I have photos for other people and I work as a photographer and sometimes people come back a year later asking for a large high def version of an image.. So I need to be able to sync up the new drive... I am using Lightroom 5.

      Thank you so so so much if you can help me with this.