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    Pen Tool Lag (2018 CC Update)


      Hello forum,


      The pen tool is unacceptable laggy since I updated Photoshop CC the the most recent version. I must wait 1-3 seconds for a point to appear, sometimes the point never appears. If I ignore the lag and continue to place new points with the pen tool, the points will appear all out of the order I placed them in and with strange curves in between them.


      I do not believe it is an issue with the computer hardware, as I have had the problem on two different iMacs with the same configuration. (listed below)


      I've updated Photoshop CC to the most recent version and it has not solved my problem.


      Computer Stats:

      4.2 GHz i7

      40GB Ram 2400 DDR4

      8GB VRam (Radeon 580)

      1 TB SSD (500GB free)

      Photoshop CC 19.1.0 Release


      I am desperate for help. I have resorted to using the polygonal lasso tool which is painstakingly slow for tracing curved objects. I edit hundreds of photos every day and I am about to have a heart attack from the stress of this issue. Adobe has not been able to help me via phone support.







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