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    Changes disappear when moving off inDesign page


      Has anyone had this problem? We will be working on an inDesign file and make a change to the text. When we return to the page, the change does not appear. However, if you click on the box or line of text, the change almost always then appears. Or, if you close and reopen the file, the changes are all there (or if you print to PDF, even if they aren't showing up on the page on the screen).


      So, for example, we change a headline on page 1 in the file. Then work on Page 20, then return to Page 1. The headline doesn't appear to be changed. If we click on the headline, it usually changes to the new headline. Or if we save and close the file and reopen, the new headline appears.


      Frustrating because we don't know as we look through if a change was actually made. I suspect this is a cache problem, perhaps a setting that we haven't been able to figure out? Any guidance appreciated.