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    Lost photos at end of initial sync, now downloading all again?

    RunWithScissorsRWS Level 1

      I'm new to the Creative Cloud system, and I have a lot of photos to upload.  I started with my largest batch, about 30,000.  I was able to trim that down during the initial upload sync to just over 17,000, but there were about 400 that did not get uploaded because LRCC just stopped uploading.  I'd restart it and a couple more would go, but it just wasn't working for me.  I followed one posts advice to uninstall LRCC and reinstall, but for some reason, I cannot get LRCC to install again.  My PC just locks up on me when I'm installing it.


      So... I decided to give it a go with LRClassic.  Start that up, make sure I'm logged in, and it begins sync'ing my files to the C: drive.  No, I don't want them there, so I point them to the same place LRCC was putting them, with the same file structure.  But I can only see a few.  Then a few more, then a few more... so I go directly to the folder where 17,000 plus photos were stored a few hours ago and BAM.  It's nearly empty.  I guess Adobe says I don't need those last 400 or so files because they're just gone.  (fortunately, I have a backup of the originals LRCC was working with, but now it's a matter of finding those 400 files within the mix of 30,000.  How fun)


      So here I am, a month after beginning to upload 130GB of data... downloading it all again (almost all).


      First question for Adobe... WHY did it delete my data from the local drive?  No warning, no clear instructions, it just deleted it.  (edit - I did locate an additional file in the folder called "Lightroom CC" and many files in there, so I assume that is where the ACTUAL originals ended up, and the ones in the folders being repopulated are smart copies?)


      Second... can't you work on this sync stuff a little bit more, to make it clear, to allow LRClassic to recognize these local files as the linked files from the LRCC uploads?


      Third... I only read in the forums while looking for help on the sync stuck issue that I actually could have uploaded my catalogs instead.  I might do that in the future, but I'll have duplicates of files.  More fun for me to figure out.


      Fourth... I have access to a high speed upload location, not at my house.  Is there a way to take a drive, upload the files from something like LRWeb, and have them sync to local copies without having to download them to my home again like I'm doing now?


      Essentially, I'm very disappointed in the sync process.  It's confusing, and not bandwidth efficient at all.




      EDIT:  This just keeps getting better... It's almost done syncing overnight.  just over 5000 photos.  So now I'm missing 12,000 more photos.  I can *probably* get some originals put back into LRClassic the old fashioned import way, but it will just sync those to the cloud and I'll always have 12,000 more photos on my phone than on my desktop.    What a mess.