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    Photoshop 2018 causes GPU overclock and high CPU load


      I found, after I observed my fan being unusually loud when using Photoshop for a while, that when Photoshop  is selected it causes my GPU to to go 3500 Mhz up from 400 Mhz and my CPU to heat up by 20° going into heavy load - immediately.


      This was not the case with older versions of Photoshop, selecting Photoshop and working in it would not change temperatures or GPU clocking, basically running at idle.


      When I turn off "Use Graphics Processor" this problem dissappears.


      I use Intel i7-7700HQ and Nvidia GTX 1050

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          I have a similar problem with i5 and geforce mx150.
          I really wish that someone could help...

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Does the CPU usage go up simply by opening Photoshop?  Or when performing specific functions?  For the most part, Photoshop is lightly threaded and uses only one core for most function.


            Whilst Photoshop can load your CPU and GPU, by itself, it can't cause the clock rate to increase.  That is a function of your BIOS settings, or and turbo modes or similar you have set.  If you use Windows 10, then open Task Manager > Performance and then open Resource Monitor. 


            I have just tried my system.  This is what I see with Photoshop already open, but if you scroll past these screen shots...

            ....if I close and reopen Photoshop, then my CPU does initially ramp up, but soon drops back.  You need to look at the Utilisation figure, and watch temperatures with your app of choice.  If it is getting hot when running less than 100%, then perhaps you need to look at your cooling.  You might just need to clean the fan, and radiator grill if you have one.  Note I have my CPU set to overclock automatically in the BIOS.

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              stefanl31627098 Level 1

              Hey thanks a lot Trevor... and for your effort to make the screenshots
              The fan noise starts when I open a document, with a few layers. When there is that screen with recent documents, there is no fan noise.

              I made a screenshot like you did:

              screenshot 1.jpg


              and here are the other screenshots I made withTechPowerUp GPU-Z:


              screenshot 2.gif


              screenshot 3.gif


              screenshot 4.gif


              screenshot 5.gif


              Oh and my computer is brand new...


              Any suggestions of what could I do?