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    Using Multiple Timelines

    jason_kent Level 1
      Hi, I'm Jason.
      I'm following the video "Using Multiple Timelines" Chris Georgenes http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/video_workshop/?id=vid0124
      or on youtube its-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRAVgB5b_g0

      i created a simple ball bouncing and followed perfectly the instructions for Converting animation on the stage to a movie clip symbol. my ball even bounced in the symbol preview thing. i then dragged my symbol instance to an empty stage (like he did in the video).
      But, as you see in the video when he creates a new key frame at about frame 53, his ball automatically changes position to be lower in the animation sequence, Mine doesn't do that.
      my ball stays in the same exact position that it started in, at the top of the page.
      Then in the video He moves his ball to the right and creates a motion tween which allows him to scrub the playhead showing the ball both bouncing up and down and side to side.
      when move my ball to the right create motion tween this does not happen.
      rather, all i see when i scrub back and forth is my ball moving straight to the right, with no bounce. NOW the weird part...
      When I test the scene/test the movie...my ball bounces like its supposed to in the video.
      how come this doesn't show up in the timeline and scrub?

      any ideas.

      thanks so much,